Wotzon Rewards is a unique service that gives individuals an opportunity to save money shopping for products and services and for businesses to create the appearance of having their own rewards / loyalty program without all the hassle associated with running such a program


Purchasing a Wotzon Rewards card gives you savings at a variety of businesses across Phuket as diverse as restaurants, web designers, beauty products, spas, hotels and activities.

Simply show the card at a participating venue to receive the discount or special promotion that they give to card holders. In most instances this will be a flat discount but sometimes you will get value added services or product instead. Please note that in some venues that participate in the program the discount is not offered on all products and services so it is best to check on the listings who is offering what.

Cards are valid for 1 month or 1 year with discounts applied to the cardholder and up to 5 other people except for golf clubs where the limit is 2 people. There may be exceptions when the card is not valid, especially in restaurants and nightclubs. These are normally public holidays or special events.

The card is not valid for use with other promotions unless otherwise stated by the venue, including set menus and daily specials in the case of restaurants.

When used to obtain discounts on activities and hotels bookings must be made direct and not through a 3rd party website or booking agent.

Price : 500 baht for 1 month card and 2000 baht for 1 year card

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Co Branded CardsAny business may participate in the Wotzon Rewards program and you get to set the level of discount you wish to offer and on what items. Your offer needs to be attractive enough that people will want to use your product or service rather than those of your competitors

Wotzon Rewards offers you the opportunity to purchase co-branded cards for you to give to selected customers as a gift / reward and give the appearance that you have your own rewards / loyalty program. These cards can be for 1 year, 5 years or just a single month with a minimum order quantity of 10. Discounts are available for larger orders including annual orders.

This unique feature allows for small businesses to compete on a level playing ground with larger companies and for larger companies to expand their brand awareness.

Service companies such as car service or pest control could give a card away as a thank you for higher paying customers, insurance companies when someone renews / buys their insurance, dentists / beauty salons when a person orders a certain package or spends above a minimum level

The c0-branded cards make an excellent addition to a society’s or groups membership fees by including the cost of the card in their annual fees. For charity / fundraising groups there is also an opportunity for the cards to be used as a fundraising tool. Ask for more information

Property developers / agents may wish to consider giving away a 5 year card whenever a property is purchased. Much cheaper than giving away the latest iPhone or Galaxy, longer lasting and much more beneficial in the long run for the recipient.

Cards can be purchased online at the store or alternatively contact us to arrange a delivery or a meeting to explore all the options

Price : 1 month co-branded cards 300 baht (minimum order 10)

           1 year co-branded cards 2000 baht (minimum order 10)

           5 year co-branded cards 10000 baht (minimum order 10)

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