Wotzon Rewards is a unique service that gives individuals an opportunity to save money shopping for products and services and for businesses to create the appearance of having their own rewards / loyalty program without all the hassle associated with running such a program


You can download our free app from either Apple or Google Play depending on your smartphone and immediately access discounts at a wide range of businesses in Thailand including shopping, activities, tours, nightlife, dining out, spas, health etc

The 10 closest businesses to you that are offering discounts or special promotion will be shown but you can request to see more. Alternatively you can search by category or look at the map if you want to find benefits that are in an area that is distant to you. This is especially beneficial if you are coming to Thailand on holiday and have downloaded the app in your home country.

To use the app simply select which benefit or discount you want to enjoy once you enter the premises. The staff will be notified of your arrival and will verify your check in once you have made a purchase or paid for your meal / activity. They will do this on the Wotzon Rewards Merchant App which includes a space for them to input the amount you have spent. It is important that this is the correct amount as we will be holding regular prize draws for the top 500 spenders. Prizes will include a 5 day holiday for 2 in Phuket.


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You can download the Wotzon Rewards App at :

Wotzon Rewards Apple App

Android App Wotzon Rewards Phuket


When used to obtain discounts on activities and hotels bookings must be made direct and not through a 3rd party website or booking agent.


Almost any business may participate in the Wotzon Rewards program and you get to set the level of discount you wish to offer and on what items. You can also offer incentives for people to come back to you more than once to get different or better rewards. These are a particularly good way to attract residents to use your services regularly

The Wotzon Rewards App allows you to effectively create your own loyalty / rewards program at virtually no cost and no management time. We provide you with a backend system that allows you to create your perks / discounts as well as seeing which of these are most popular and allow you to contact the person direct using your own marketing programs if desired.

We charge businesses 500 baht per month to be in the program and 3% of any revenue that is generated by people using the Wotzon Rewards App.

Each time a user checks in to your premises you will be alerted on the Merchant App and can verify them once they have asked for their bill or made a purchase. Here your staff input the amount spent by the customer on the Merchant App that they have loaded to the staffs smartphone and it is this that we base what to charge you. The customer also stands a chance of wining special gifts and awards from us if they are one of the top 500 spenders so they will want the value inputted to be correct.

Wotzon Rewards App Validation PAge Wotzon Rewards Phuket

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You can download the Merchant App at:

Wotzon Rewards Apple App

Android App Wotzon Rewards Phuket

If you want to add your business in to the Wotzon Rewards program then click here and complete the form and we will contact you to arrange training on using the program’s back end and setting discounts and perks