Terms and Conditions for use of Wotzon Rewards Cards

The following are the terms and conditions for the use of Wotzon Rewards Cards, both short term and long term cards

Wotzon Rewards cardholders must present their card when requesting the reward offered by participating businesses. In most cases this will be on arrival at the participating business but in the case of restaurants it should be presented when asking for the bill. Failure to do so in either case may result in the participating business refusing to honour the reward offered. In the case of hotel restaurants where the cardholder is also staying in the hotel the card must be presented after each meal to receive the reward and NOT on final checkout.

Wotzon Rewards cardholder must be present when the reward is requested

Rewards offered by participating businesses are valid for the cardholder and up to 5 other persons unless otherwise stated on the participating businesses listing on www.wotzonrewards.com and may be changed at any time.

Cardholders should check on the participating businesses listing on www.wotzonrewards.com prior to doing businesss with that company to confirm what rewards are offered and any restrictions that may be in place, including restictions on numbers or what servcies / products are offered

Cardholders are responsible to ensure that their card is still valid prior to presenting it to a participating business. Expired cards are not valid and will not receive the rewards listed on the appropriate listing on www.wotzonrewards.com

There is no cash or goods equivalent if the reward offered by the participating business is not required

Wotzon Rewards, its parent company Asia Marketing Consultancy Co Ltd, nor the company providing the cardholder with card are responsible for any failure by the participating businesses to provide the rewards on their listing on www.wotzonrewards.com

Fraudulent use of the card may result in its cancellation / confiscation with no remuneration due.

Unless otherwise indicated on the participating business’s listing on www.wotzonrewards.com cards are not valid on major public holidays including but not exclusinve to Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day, Loi Kratong, Valentines Day

Cards are not valid in conjunction with other discounts or special offers unless at the discretion of the participating businesses.This includes set menus, daily specials and Happy Hours

Bookings for activities and hotels must be made direct with the participating businesses and not through a third party such as tour operator, online booking agent, multisite hotel booking operator in order to receive the reward listed on www.wotzonrewards.com. Failure to do so will result in the reward not being honoured.